Topic: understanding ruby on rails project

For me to understand the rails project is not enough to see the model or controller diagrams and how many attributes and actions they're having. I understand more if I know where actions are initialized and how they ended. To describe my thoughts more specifically I'll show some example. Let's take nice open project Railscasts. I chose the Comment controller because it nested inside others controllers then it's a little harder to understand how this works. Here's my picture that helps me to understand it.

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or try this link

This isn't well composed diagram but fine for me. On this picture you can see where action is started and what's the reaction on action, how composed the view. The action edit initiates in views/episodes/show.html.erb, comes to controller's action edit, after that shows the edit form, then go to update action and finally go back to show.html.erb. From this picture you can see that a lot of actions initiate in show.html.erb that belongs to episode controller and makes harder to understand how works the comments controller. Now you can easy find place where is action comes.

Here is my questions:

Do you think this idea is useful for you, can make your developer's life easier ?

Do you know some tool that can make such kind of pictures automatically ?

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