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I am developing an art gallery site as one of my current project. The thing is I want to use the lightbox to display pictures of gallery but I don't know the coding of lightbox. So is there anyone who can guide me how to put lightbox to display images?? Please give me the entire code of lightbox.

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i used this on a site i made with RoR -

Site I used it on (if u want to see what it looks like) -

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You can use lightbox_helper plugin to display pictures in light box.

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I'm using facebox for my Rails apps. Very simple plug in.

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There is a million, but I'd recommend using a jQuery one because of the popularity of jQuery, it's plugins and the amount of sites that use it/tutorials - it's inevitable to cross paths or want to use other jQuery plugins later on. I like fancybox the most.

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Are you trying to customize LightBox or what isn't working? I agree with the other posters ...  I have been shopping around for a while for an overlay tool/plugin and there are many more options for the jQuery framework. I have also used several with both the Prototype and jQuery ... they usually aren't that complicated, just follow the tutorials.

Some good ones: