Topic: Rails 3 + Processing + Minim

For the past couple of days I've been trying to integrate the Minim library into my Rails app with limited success. Minim is a Java library for manipulation and analysis of audio. Here's how I've been trying:

1. Using JRuby with Rails - A Ruby interpreter written in Java which allows me to access Java libraries from inside Ruby/Rails
2. And in a Rails class, requiring the 'minim.jar' library files
3. Then creating a new Minim object (@m = results in an 'undefined method new' error in my controller

The trouble is that I think Minim is designed to work, and only work, with Processing, as seen in this tutorial: … with-ruby/

So instead of just importing Minim, I would have to create a custom Rails class that is a subchild of Processing::App, giving me the context to work with Minim. But how would I go about doing this in a Rails app?

Or any other suggestions?

(so far I've been using JRuby/Rails and accessing Minim - but now I'm thinking an equally valid way would be to use plain old Ruby/Rails and access Processing and Minim via the Ruby-Processing gem)