Topic: Error: can't find ldap.h and lber.h

I am trying to install ruby-ldap. When i run the command "ruby extconf.rb --with-openldap1" i am getting
the error as "can't find ldap.h and lber.h
use the option '--with-ldap-dir'!".  How can i solve this problem

Thank you

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Re: Error: can't find ldap.h and lber.h

Did you find out any solution on that topic?

I got the same error during install ruby/ldap (using openldap2, ruby version 1.8.7, installed openldap2-dev package, os: suse enterprise linux)

I tried the following commands
ruby extconf.rb --with-openldap2 --with-ldap-dir=/usr/include

(find / -iname ldap.h --> /usr/include/ldap.h)

Does anyone of you have an idea why this doesn't work? :-/