Topic: Problem Installing gem rubyzip


I have this weird problem.  I'm trying to install rubyzip as a gem :

sudo gem install rubyzip

I've successfully installed it on our development machine but when I try to install it on our production machine I get 2 ERRORS :

ERROR:  http;// does not appear to be a repository
ERROR: Could not find a valid gem 'rubyzip' (>=0) in any repository

Anybody got ideas on what might be causing this.  The installation on the development m/c was done a few minutes before attempting it on the production machine.

Thanks  in advance

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Re: Problem Installing gem rubyzip

Very often you get this kind of errors when your connection is blocked by a firewall or your are behind a proxy. Check these 2 things to be sure.

Re: Problem Installing gem rubyzip

Thanks, I'm getting that checked out with our network guys.  Any other thoughts please?