Topic: Freezing Rails v2.3.5 - down?

Hello, we are trying to freeze our rails app to v2.3.5 and we are running this command:

rake rails:freeze:edge RELEASE=2.3.5

But it is failing trying to download the zip from (which appears to be down):

Downloading Rails from
rake aborted!
Connection reset by peer

Is there some way to pass a new host to download the archive or are we going about this the wrong way? Any help would be appreciated, this is on a new host on a production environment and we are suffering with the wrong version of rails.

Thanks so much.

Re: Freezing Rails v2.3.5 - down?

I'm having a similar issue and am a little worried because I know that my host (bluehost) has in the past upgraded rails versions without notifying anyone, and I'm worried about breaking these production ready apps once an upgrade occurs.

Some of my initial research seems to point to the fact that is no more, is there another way to freeze your rails version?