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I don't know how to implement double click (like ondblclick on javascript) with Ruby on Rails.

I have this code:

<%= link_to_remote (image_tag("/images/close_folder_list2_h.png")),{:url => {:controller => "projects", :action => "expand_list",:id_list =>},:update => @update_List} %>

I only need it to work  when I click twice on the link

Does someone know how I can do this with Rails?


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Re: Double Click with rails

well that's rails 2 syntax, and you don't use ruby to detect double click, only javascript. With jQuery I'd do something like this:

[first give the image an HTML ID]

    url: "/projects/expand_list",
    success: function(){

... something like that

Now this assumes you're using jQuery, which means you have to configure your app to use jQuery.

Secondly, for the ajax syntax in jQuery see documentation

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