Topic: I can not access to my application

Hello, I am new user on Ruby on Rails.
My operative system is Ubuntu 10.10, my IDE is Netbeans 6.9.1 and I am using a xampp server which is running.
I was following in the same time these two tutorials: … og.html#04 (to see how to work on netbeans with RoR) (to understand what I was doing)

But when I run the project, my browse goes to
http://localhost/project (without port, I configured in that way), and what I see is Object not found, Error 404

Can anybody tell me why?

Another general question, I would be very grateful if I receive an advise on this. I want to build a web application which will work like a e-learning one with also some jar application which will be executed on the net. I like how Rails works, and I think I could manage to build it up, but if it is not possible for whatever reason, I would like to know it in advance, to do not waste time. And if anybody knows a tutorial which could help me, would be great.

Thanks in advance!!!