Topic: Will paginate Problem

Hi, I am stuck with the will paginate plugin  i installed the plugin and i am getting the first 10 values as expected. But when i try to paginate, it shows a JQuery error. Not an error excately, the data's are showing up on a plane white screen with all the tags. My thought is that, the will_paginate is not working as link_to_remote feature and the div is not getting updated. Here are the codes i used  #controller def get_data  @tags = Tag.find(:all,:conditions => ['name LIKE ?', '%A']).paginate(:per_page=>10, :page=>params[:page]) end  def update_data   @tags = Tag.find(:all,:conditions => ['name LIKE ?', '%A']).paginate(:per_page=>10, :page=>params[:page])   render :update do |page|           page.replace_html