Topic: Can anyone translate PHP to Ruby?

Ok so I'm a PHP programmer but I need to put a script on the site that uses Ruby. I know nothing about this language so I was hoping someone here could tell me what to do. Anyway in PHP I would do the following to get a variable from the url and display the correct page:


So now I need a Ruby script to do the same thing.


Re: Can anyone translate PHP to Ruby?


    1) Which testing framework do you prefer and why?

    2) What authentication plugin would you pick for the application and why?

    3) What Rails / Ruby blogs do you follow?

    4) When would you use has_many :through?

    5) What are some of the new features in Rails 3?

    6) What are a few useful plugins?

    7) Do you have a GitHub account?

    8) Are you comfortable if somebody (me)  follow along with the application development on GitHub, actively involved in seeing the development process? (for any project)

Re: Can anyone translate PHP to Ruby?

if your are a php programmer,as u said, then u shouldn't had to ask such a questions.