Topic: Live Video Streaming


Maybe you can help me with some questions:

1. How can i live stream videos on a website?
2. Do i need a special server or technologies?

I don't know where to start

P.S. It's for an online television.

Re: Live Video Streaming

Depends on what you want ... do you want to avoid buffering (as much as possible)?

You will need some technology to stream the media, the two that come to mind are Flash Media Server (FMS) or Red5 but there are others too (I think). You should be able to stream the media from a server with that technology to a Flash application embedded in your application. If you don't mind the buffering then you can just place the media file on your local file-system and then access it via Flash or some other video object (<video> in HTML5).

In my application I have media files hosted on server running FMS which can stream on demand through a Flash application/object in my views.