Topic: Scriptaculous Drag and Drop issues

I have been having a couple issues with the drag and drop on our webpage. 
We need to add people to groups and remove them from groups, so we have a page that has a list of all the project members and also a span for each group.  So you can easily grab a member and drag them into a group or drag a member out of a group to put them back in the project.

The problem with the drag and drop is that the draggable_element id has to be the id of the member.  Well I want to have the ability to put a member into as many groups as they want, so that means there will be multiple draggable_elements with the same ID.  This causes all but the first element to break.  So my first question is, is there anyway I can have a member in multiple groups without the drag and drop breaking.

Here's some of the code from it:
  <div id="group<>" style="height:100%; width:100%;" >
    <% g_members = group.members %>
      <% g_members.each do |g_member| %>
        <% if !g_member.nil? %>
      <span id="< %>" style=" position: relative; "><%= g_member.best_name%></span></br>
      <%= draggable_element(, :revert => true)%>
    <% end %> 
      <% end %>
      <%= drop_receiving_element("group" +, :hoverclass => 'hover', :with => "'member=' + encodeURIComponent('_').last())",  :url => { :controller => 'pm', :action => :add_member_to_group, :g_name =>}) %>

Now my other problem is that I need to know where I dragged the member from when I remove them from the group since I need to know what group to remove them from.  As far as I can tell, drag and drop does not keep track of which group I pulled them from.  I was trying to make it where onStart it would set a temporary variable of the groups id but that didn't work as it would never grab the correct group.   I also tried to make it grab the divs id as the id of the div is the group id (based on how we set it up) but I was unsure how to grab the divs id.

Any help with these 2 problems would be very much appreciated.  Thanks