Topic: "Ruby on Rails": A Double-Entendre?

I know the "official" answer is that it's Rails as in Railroad tracks, as in it kind of forces you to stay "on track" within a certain development philosophy, and glides as smoothly and efficiently as steel wheels on steel tracks, and all of that good stuff.

But come on.  Give me a break.  If I gave the scripting language Ruby a few lines (i.e. "Rails", for the more innocent among us) of cocaine,  I would expect it to start developing web applications at a ridiculously impossible speed with a meticulous--nay, neurotic--amount of attention to making sure everything followed the Model-View-Controller paradigm, that data type attribute names matched between classes and database tables, and so on and so forth.  Yup, that's about what I would expect from Ruby on Cocaine, or Ruby on Rails, or whatever your favorite drug nicknames happen to be.

Obviously I'm not the first to draw this connection, but I'm wondering if it was intentional.  I can certainly see a bunch of developers inventing a new framework over the course of a few coke binges, and naming the resulting framework accordingly (after all, aren't most advances in mathematics and computer sciences attributable to cocaine in some way?).

So is it just a coincidence never foreseen by a few naive, nerdy developers, or is it an intentional double-entendre?