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thanks for the tutorials guys! smile

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Hello there, need a tutorial that explains how to autosave fields of a form with AJAX. Thanks.

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Looking forward to the near future I guess I have to ask something. But now I am doing okay.

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Actually I am interested in learning ruby as a web programming language. Please suggest me some easy to learn tutorials specifically for ruby web programming.

Many thanks

PS: I am on ubuntu 9.04 with apache 2.2

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I was wondering if anyone was interested in writing a tutorial on how to make a basic movie database website like with users that can comment on movies. Possibly also add resources we can look for to add additional features such as:

Star ratings
Autocomplete movie titles
Making the site overall more secure
Optimizing the site's performance
...whatever else would go with something like this.

Thanks yikes

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Another request... if it's possible:

This may sound confusing, but is it possible in Rails to build a very basic app whose on job is to redirect what people type in for that site to something on another site? Here's an example:

Let's just say that a URL to a movie is something like

Could you make a really simple app in Rails at say the domain that allows people to just type in like and be instantly directed to the netflix version? So, I guess it has to convert and change the URL, but I don't know how. The website would be pretty much blank. The only thing it would be used for is automatically redirecting to the netflix site. The idea is just to give people an easier way to find something in a database type site if they already know what they are looking for.

It may be really simple, if so, could anyone point me in the right direction as for already made tutorials or something?


EDIT: Another feature it could have would be a counter for every URL it redirects.

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1. How to use Git along with Rails

2. How to install plugins with Rails

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Rails 3 Dynamic Nested Forms (or a refactoring of the complex-forms railscasts code for Rails 3) would be very helpful.

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Hey guys, a want a rails engines tutorial ;}

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A rails3 tutorial that guides one through the creation of a model for time calculations.

The format is time_in and time_out with the ability to do a calculation to give one the total hours as an integer. For example:
08:00am to 04:15pm giving one the total hours of 08.25 hours.

The view should show these fields horizontally aligned across the page. And of course, as if I am not asking enough already, as you enter these fields they use unobtrusive javascript and update the view adding row after row in the form with and edit button and a locked button next to each entry.

Ok...I know that I am asking a lot but I willl gladly pay if someone is willing to create such a tutorial.
Thanks for your time and generosity.


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I searched on the web and nothing,
please somebody can put here
scaffolding jquery and rails 3 tutorial

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Is there, an up to date tutorial covering UJS?

I have been looking but so many of them are just snippets, or out of date (different file locations etc, assets vs public etc etc).

Also, how up to date is the tutorial list on this site?  I would read through them but it does not appear to have been updated since 2007.

All I am trying to do is have a link button submit with POST data, then update a div with content from a different controllers action.

The tutorials I have read so far either are full of bugs, are out of date, or skip many steps, particularly in choosing what kind of JavaScript approach to use, JQuery, CookieScript, I just cannot find something which explains setting it up, then performing what used to be ridiculously simple tasks in Rails 1.

For the simple things I am trying to do it seems needlessly convoluted, I get the idea of code separation blah blah blah but I am one step away from just writing old fashioned JS myself.

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Ruby and Rails that with one click install. Within minutes and install the latest version of Ruby, Rails, GIT, SQLite, etc. It will run up to you.

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I'm planning to work on a beginners..