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Please don't laugh but I am having a tough time getting started on rolling my own shopping cart.  I have had no problem finding info on setting up the merchant services but the basics of the cart I am having a tough time with.  I have seen posts that outline the framework, I am just not clear on how a product is added to a cart, anyone know of a basic tutorial that walks through the basics of building a cart in Rails 2.3?

thanks for any help.

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See 'Pragmatic Programmer - Agile Web Development with Rails (3nd Ed.for Rails 2)' book, You'll find there a good example of cart creation, emptying, etc.

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Thanks Jarvix, any online?  I think I am going to pick up that book but would love to get started immediately.

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I wouldn't look to that example to use in Production. It saves the model in the session.

This book:

Even though the Rails version is old in this one, it gives a better overall tutorial on creating the basics of a shopping cart. Even testing it. I learned a lot from this book, then applied the new Rails 2 way of doing it.

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I have looked at buying that book as well.  AT this point I should probably just buy one.  I am still new to alot of this and want to learn the rails 2 way of doing things.  How much would I have to modify/update from the rails 1 way of doing things???

And if anyone knows of an online walk through that would be great.

thanks for so much help.


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the basics of a shopping cart are those solid ground facts that small business owners need to know before they venture out to acquire one. These shopping cart basics are important because, if you don't know what you're looking for, you can easily be sucked into purchasing an unnecessary and costly customized cart that can end up hurting your bottom line. An online shopping cart is just like the cart you use to pile up the cereal boxes at your local grocer

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