Topic: runtime error in remove_slide function

Hi all. I am getting a runtime error in my rails app. When I attempt to remove a slide from the slideshow listing and place it in the unused_photos category, it just snaps back to the slideshow. Here is the server output when I use this function:

/*Started POST "/slideshows/1/remove_slide" for at Tue Apr 26 22:32:53 -0400 2011
* Processing by SlideshowsController#remove_slide as JS
*Parameters: {"authenticity_token"=>aaf4jTk4ztbz8kfrOeO1kSPujSE7blahblahblah=", "id"=>"1"
*Completed    in 2ms

* RuntimeError ():
*    app/controllers/slideshows_controller.rb:97:in `remove_slide'
And here is the offending function:

/*def remove_slide
        raise params[:id].to_s
        @slide = Slide.find(params[:id].split("_")[1])
        session[:slideshow] = @slideshow = @slide.slideshow
        @unused_photo =

rails 3, windows 7, ruby 1.8.7

Thanks in advance for any input you can offer.

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