Topic: cap deploy issue ?

Hi ,       
       I want to Capistrano   deployment , it is urgent to me . While i cap deply:update it causes the error .   Let me know any one solution for  this problem .


$ cap deploy:update   

After some steps execute success fully, i got this error.

    servers: [""]
    [] executing command
** [out ::] ln:
** [out ::] creating symbolic link `/media/disk-1/ror_projects/pras
** [out ::] : Operation not permitted
** [out ::]
    command finished in 109ms
failed: "sh -c 'rm -rf /media/disk-1/ror_projects/prasad/twitter_app/releases/20
110508045420/log /media/disk-1/ror_projects/prasad/twitter_app/releases/20110508
045420/public/system /media/disk-1/ror_projects/prasad/twitter_app/releases/2011
0508045420/tmp/pids &&\\\n      mkdir -p /media/disk-1/ror_projects/prasad/twitt
er_app/releases/20110508045420/public &&\\\n      mkdir -p /media/disk-1/ror_pro
jects/prasad/twitter_app/releases/20110508045420/tmp &&\\\n      ln -s /media/di
sk-1/ror_projects/prasad/twitter_app/shared/log /media/disk-1/ror_projects/prasa
d/twitter_app/releases/20110508045420/log &&\\\n      ln -s /media/disk-1/ror_pr
ojects/prasad/twitter_app/shared/system /media/disk-1/ror_projects/prasad/twitte
r_app/releases/20110508045420/public/system &&\\\n      ln -s /media/disk-1/ror_
projects/prasad/twitter_app/shared/pids /media/disk-1/ror_projects/prasad/twitte
r_app/releases/20110508045420/tmp/pids'" on


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Re: cap deploy issue ?

Looks to me like a permissions thing. Are you using the correct user and password combination with privileges to run the rm -rf command on your host?

Your hosting company should be able to help you out but just to prove the point you could ssh into your host using the user name and password in your capistrano recipe and try running the command manually. If it works then the issue is something else but I don't have enough info to point you in the right direction.

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