Topic: Loading custom class (Dreamhost/Passenger/Git/Capistrano)

I have a custom class which is used in several controllers. I have put the rb file containing (Myclass.rb) this class in an 'extras' folder, and require it with

require 'Myclass.rb'

in all controllers which need it. This works fine in local develoment on my computer. When deploying to Dreamhost using Git and Capistrano, I get the error

No such file to load -- Myclass

Does anyone know how I can expose Myclass to the live application?

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Re: Loading custom class (Dreamhost/Passenger/Git/Capistrano)

Hm, quite amazing really. I've been trying to sort out on and off for a couple of days, and literally two minutes after posting this question I found out how to do it...

Rename the file 'myclass.rb' (lowercase version of class name), and put it in 'lib'. Then

require 'myclass.rb'