Topic: Using spreadsheet gem with Oracle data

I have successfully used the spreadsheet gem to export data out of a mysql database.  I am now trying to do something similar using an Oracle 11g database configured for UTF-8 data.  But I get the following error on the
'workbook =' line of code:

Iconv::InvalidEncoding in VisitLogsController#index

invalid encoding ('UTF-8, 'UTF-8')

Has anybody seen this??  Thanks!

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Re: Using spreadsheet gem with Oracle data

Slight update - instead of trying to create .xls file with data pulled from Oracle, I simply tried to pass in a simple variable with the value 1 as the data to populate the spreadsheet with.  I still get the same error, so not sure it has anything to do with Oracle.  Perhaps some other type of configuration problem on this particular server.  Have no idea what though....