Topic: Prototype RJS to JQuery

Right now I am using Prototype with RJS to do simple stuff like change a <span> when a select box changes.  See below:

<%= select_tag(:shipping_method_id, options_for_select(SHIPPING_VALUES, @user.job.shipping_method_id), :include_blank => 'Pick up, :onchange => remote_function(:url => { :action => 'change_shipping_price' }, :method => :get, :with => " 'shipping_method_id=' + this.value + '&total=' + #{} ")) %>

This calls the change_shipping_price action which grabs a price from the UPS shipping API and updates a <span> with the price.  So I have and js.rjs file that does the span replace.

How would I accomplish the same thing with jQuery since remote_function or :remote => true doesn't seem to work?