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I would like to ask if you have any suggestion regarding this issue. It's always been an issue of security when displaying a pdf file over a site. So basically I would want to display a PDF over my site but would somehow put at least some basic security measures.

My options:

1) Display PDF as is but disallow saving, printing, and highlighting of text, or

2) Display PDF as SWF

I'm not sure if there is a gem or plugin for this one. The second option would be the best thing that I can think of, but does any one know if there is a rails gem/plugin that could display SWF like a magazine and not like a video?

BTW, I already take in consideration that print screen and third party softwares can still copy/download my files, but as I have said I just want to make sure that somehow, I place some protection at least. So the said methods are ok with me, I just want to make copying a little harder for the newbies.


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Why are you displaying PDFs if you don't want people to have them?

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It's actually my client's demand that she wants to place it on her website.. but she doesn't want them to copy/print/save it. Even if I had argue with her a million times already she still wants it. So I thought of just converting it to something at the back end (I think as SWF) to somehow avoid the said actions. I know that it is not the best solution.

Anyway, is there such plugin out there for rails that can display this SWF as a magazine type?

Help is appreciated. Thanks!

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For now I continued with converting my PDF files to SWF using SWF Tools' ( ) pdf2swf.

The good thing about this is that it comes with a viewer perfect for PDF-turned-SWF files

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I'm glad it worked out.

My answer for the people I used to work for when they asked for this kind of thing is that it wasn't worth the effort, and also people really don't want to steal your stuff, it's not worth it really. Also that I pointed out to them that anything we tried, there was a good chance that it just wouldn't work that well. Things like this especially it's all about managing expectations.

But Kudos on finding a solution, that's the main thing!