Topic: e -> RubyMine = disaster! What gives?

Hi all,

I'm new to Ruby and Rails and at the moment am just following along with some tutorials (at present, the one at trying to get my bearings. I'm also trying out tools and editors to see which I'm going to stick with.

I began using the e texteditor, but read some recommendations for RubyMine, so downloaded that and loaded the project I was working on into it.

Now I've got a message appearing at the top of the editor saying "Some of the required gems are not attached: mysql, Rails 3.0.6...", and an execution error pops up whenever I click to find out what this is about, saying "Home path for ruby SDK 'ruby-1.8.7-p334' doesn't exist". I got prompted at one point to download a list of gems, but when I agreed to do this, it couldn't download them anyway.

I could ignore the message, but don't want to if it's something that matters. However I'm not familiar enough with the tools, or Ruby and Rails themselves, to be able to judge that.

Everything (not that I've done a whole hell of a lot, but anyway) appeared to be working alright before I switched to RubyMine. Is it fine? Or is RubyMine being helpful and telling me things that the e texteditor wasn't, that need to be fixed? I understand RubyMine includes support for some other tools that may be of more use to me as my skills develop more, which makes me want to stick with it, but what's with the errors and notices? Is it my fault? Can I/should I do anything about it? Should I just ignore them? Dismiss RubyMine as whiny and move on? wink

Any thoughts? Would really appreciate them! Thanks!!

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