Topic: what about e-democracy?

i'd like to hear your opinion about this web based project, as you know in the last month we assisted at the start of partecipative democracy or e-democracy.
My target is to create a place where people can submit your ideas, the idea is related at an improvement for the citizens so it's linked at one city.
Each idea has a "threshold" calculated in this way "citizens/digital divide coefficient", people can vote for an idea and when the idea has a number of votes greater of threshold the idea is automatically submitted via email at the city major.
Od course each idea can be commented by users.
City should be entered by users and validate by the administrator.
To comments idea just need Facebook, twitter, opened authentication to enter a city user need to register at the site.
What do you think about?
I'm writing here cause I'm a ror dev and I'd like to find someone that help me to work out this project.

Re: what about e-democracy?

e-democracy, fresh idea.

Re: what about e-democracy?

I think e democracy is indeed a fresh idea as it will make use of internet and mobile communications to get more participation from the citizens.

It is good that the government can solicit more campaign tools as the internet can work as a medium that eliminates distance constraints.  Opinions can come from any sector and there will be a wider range of commitment through the internet.