Topic: Help with controllers/views design


I need help on designing the necessary controllers and views for my app.
It is basically an academic website in which I would have different sub-screens related to:
"Home", "Research projects",  "Publications", "NS2 Hints", "Contact"
Which are all accessible by a navigation bar that points to all of those and is accessible from all sub-screens.

The only screen which would have a form is the "Contact" one.
Further, the "Research projects" screen has links to other pages, related to separate projects.

My main doubt is.. The Controller usually is meant to have CRUD functionality, but among these screens I mentioned, only one of them ("contact") would have the "Create" action. Further, no one of them would have neither "Update" and nor "Delete".

Therefore, how do I proceed? Should I create one controller for each of those sub-screens, and use the controller just to manipulate the data that is going to be shown on the view of the sub-screen? Or should I create a controller that incorporates all of those sub-screens?

The generic question: If I have screens that do not have Create/Update/Delete, shoud I still modularize and use a controller devoted only to that, or should I use a controller incorporating this and other similar screens?

Thanks in advance!