Topic: memcached made application slower

hi all, I have got funny story, I'm ror developer and developing ror application and it is time to improve some performance so I decided to use memcached and cache some objects. so I run load testing before adding caching (used jmeter) and after, and what was my surprise when results with caching were worse then without caching. I'm using engineyard so it is easy to change the git branch and rerun load testing (environment stays the same). so for 50 logged in users without any caching response time is about 4.6 seconds and with caching 5.7. Does anybody met such problem, any suggestions? I'm in dead end...

thanks, Eugene

Re: memcached made application slower


We use memcache extensively and the access time is usually negligible.  It is certainly not in the realm of a second.

Can you give us a little more information on your system (cpu, memory (free/utilized), memory allocated for memcache)?   

Can you provide an example of the type of objects that you are caching?


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