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Hi all. I am newbie to Rails

I want to update a div in the same page with a partial.
I have tried the following but not working.

in the create.js.rjs

page.replace_html 'div_1', :partial=>'student'

in the controller

def create
respond_to do |format|

can u help me please

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Check if you're using prototype.js library, it's often ommited. Check also Firebug's output.

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prototype.js exists in the javascripts directory

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you have to make it available in your layout:

javascript_include_tag :all #or :defaults

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I have included that also

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Or do I have to install jquery or jrails plugin to make thus work?

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you have to download the latest version of jquery from and put the js file in
'YOUR_APP/public/javascripts' folder and to include the jquery with 'javascript_include_tag' helper.
You can also see more details on rails casts: … s-3-part-3

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davidlaradavid wrote:

These error messages can be annoying and harmful to the registry on your computer. You can make your computer slows down, stops, crashes and other things that are frustrating for the user's computer.

then you just shouldn't forget to clen the register from time to time