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I trust this is not intrusive on this forum. If it is, I apologize in advance. I need the services of a Ruby on Rails developer and figured this would be a good place to look. I need services for a one-time project. In a nutshell, a client who hired me to replace an RoR site was hosting at a company who stopped supporting RoR.

The client did not capture his data, 95% of which are blog posts going back to 2007 and a 200-page report. He did not have the data backed up in text files. We discovered that the data still exists at the old hosting company as does the entire structure consisting of the following directories: logs, users, domains, data, containers, stats, etc. With the help of one of the hosting company's tech people, we discovered that the database is intact and looked at some of the old posts to confirm it. I want someone to take that site and temporarily upload it to a server where we can access and copy the blog posts and report from the screen and paste into Word and/or text editor files.  I can provide further information and expect to pay for professional services.

I am a web site builder who came from the design and copy side to GoLive, then to Dreamweaver and Wordpress, so my DB skills are dangerous at best. We will eventually put his data on another venue, probably Wordpress.

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Joe Dempsey

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ME TOO! I am actually looking for a Ruby on Rails developer who is interested in full time work. Does anyone have any idea how to find one?

Thanks for any input you can give.

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see, - may be you will find your happy there smile

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Hi pduerksen, what kind of job are you trying to post? I might be interested.