Topic: User Profile design questions

I have some questions on designing a profile system, and would like to hear what you think is the best approach.

This is what i want :
A user will have a profile, the profile will then contain lots of select boxes with pre def values, one example is
Country. So what is the best way to store this to the profile => Should i go for has_one :contry and store the country ID or should i go for storing the Country Name as a string in Profile ?

Re: User Profile design questions

I would go for a user has_one profile relationship with the profile model providing the lookup lists for the predefined values, obviously the profile would have a field for the country etc...

You could use lookup tables rather than a hard coded array for your definitions in which case you would have a profile that belongs_to a country and a country has_many profiles but the user to profile would still be a one to one relationship in which the country field would become a country_id

I guess it depends on whether you wish to allow site admins to update the contents of the lookup values

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