Topic: Rails app as a read only database client?

I have a windows application that creates a database of information.  The database is offline atm, but I'm wondering what my options are for getting it up to a rails application.  All I would want the rails application to do for this project would be view the database (a completely separate ruby script will be handle updating the database on a regular schedule I think).  I'd later make the rails app authenticate users so they could only see their data. 

I'm pretty new to rails, so, if I had a MySql database filled with say...
UserID |  SalesID  | 
000001   0003232
000002   0003239

Sales Lines:
SalesID | ProductId | Qty
0003232 toothR22    x3
0003232 noseR554  x2
0003239 Otherthing x2

What kind of generators do I use to start on showing this?  I'd like /receipts to show a table of their sales, with links to their Sales Line items...  Or maybe it should be /receipts/UserID

/receipts/000001 would display:

And you could click on that sale number to bring you to...

/SalesLines/0003232 which would display:
toothR22    x3
noseR554  x2

Re: Rails app as a read only database client?

From the first look, I think the easiest way to implement what you want is to use a standard scaffolding and just to not authorise create/update actions by implementing your own logic (redirects, flash messages etc.).

Re: Rails app as a read only database client?

Thanks for the input Javix.  I'm glad this method is doable, I was beginning to doubt my plans.  smile