Topic: Schecdualing plugin


I am looking for a plugin that will add my app the ability to schedule background tasks through a web ui. Something like a web based cron...

I want that the user that has scheduled a task could see what was the last time the task has run and what was the exit code or log messages of the last time the task ran.

I found some rails plugin like backgroundrb but I couldn't understand if it fit my demands, in first glance it doesn't since in order to set a task to run in a cronish way I need to configure it through a YML file and not through the database in such a way my users can use that feature...I recognized the schedule_at feature but it is not exactly what I am looking for.

I can think of some implementations to my demands but iI wanted to be sure no one has implemented such a plugin before I start implement it myself.

What do you say?

Re: Schecdualing plugin

Perhaps delayed_job and a custom front-end, or rufus-scheduler (here is a set-up example: … g=company)