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Hi Guys,
I plan to setup rails 3 website with a backend administration. I would like to use admin_data for that, but the question i have are, does the admin user can generate everything in backend? like view, controller, template, everything without the need of a programmer?
I would like that looks like a Joomla CMS admin backend or any other CMS.

Thanks for your help


Re: Rails 3 with admin panel

I Joomla CMS you dont create new databases or define new methods so you dont need to create scaffolds or controllers. You just need for example a Pages scaffold to make pages or a Downloads scaffold to make downloads

Re: Rails 3 with admin panel

Hm, have you an example for that? I found nothing about Page scaffold or Downloads scaffold in google inside an administrator panel. And thanks for the answer.

If someone need to create a new page and add this page to the current menu. That can be done with pages scaffold?


Re: Rails 3 with admin panel

you should start reading some RoR guides over the internet