Topic: Deprecation of old prototype functions, how can I convert?

A while back (a year ago) I wrote - what I thought - was a cool Rails app with Rails 2.3.5 and lots of partials with remote AJAX calls to push all of the data around so the page never "seemingly" refreshed. Now (a year later with no RoR programming in-between nor any idea what's going on with RoR), I want to implement the same functionality with the Rails 3.1.0 RC4 but, everywhere I look everyone is saying that link_to_remote is deprecated and so are other similar Prototype functions. If I have a link like:

<%= link_to_remote "something", "controller/action", :update => "some_div_id", :locals => { :variables => values } %>

then how can I convert this to work with Rails 3.1? I'm not demanding exact code, an API would be nice but I don't believe there is an official one (the most official one is for that of Rails 3.0.9, correct?), so your best guess would be helpful.

TL;DR: link_to with :remote => true doesn't do what I want in Rails 3.1 RC4. I want the old :update html option where I can specify a div to populate with the requested data. How can I do this nowadays?

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Re: Deprecation of old prototype functions, how can I convert?

Found today: use of the prototype-rails gem with Passenger seems to generate errors right off the bat of launching an Nginx server. Does anyone know if prototype is completely out the window with Rails and Rack?

Re: Deprecation of old prototype functions, how can I convert?

Update: discovered this episode of Railscasts but, still confused by the rails framework being used to incite the products.js.erb file. … javascript

More in a bit...[EDIT]: Here we go, … n-rails-3/

-Case closed: this post is a  landfill. Hope anyone who reads this will have all of their questions answered. If not look for me on #rubyonrails: I'll help you out as this was a pain.

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