Topic: How do I give Rails the vibe and flow I need?

I’m brand new to your world, so please be easy if I’m asking the obvious. My background is Enterprise level packaged software so these wonderful fields of Ruby and Rails are very new to me.

Basically, I’m trying to get a start up happening and have pretty much decided that Ruby/Rails should be my tool of choice. I plan to get professionals to design and develop for me, but I will be driving the thing and be playing the role of customer/product owner.

I have a strong idea of what I want in terms of functionality and the “vibe and flow” of the UI, and have written a load of user stories and put together some fairly detailed wire frames. At this point in time I am discovering that most designers are not developers and vice-versa. Working out how to close this gap is where I am struggling – the reason is that I am not experienced with the inner workings of rails. . If someone could enlighten me it would be greatly appreciated. You might even get yourself a job, if interested ;-). Let me explain.

If I were to get a designer to “fill-in” my wireframes and make them look good, the chances are that the end result would be PSD’s. Is this enough for a rails guru to work with – or would I best off using a designer who knows HTML/JQuery,CSS etc  and have them produce HTML output for the rails fella?

Please be aware that the design I have in mind is quite visual and involves a fair amount of sliders and effects, which will need to make use of JS library such as JQuery. Someone will need to be very experienced with these tools.

Also, visual appearance of the site is of major importance as it will be showcasing product to experts in the field. A rails guru, throwing the design together, may not work.

All advice appreciated. I have searched the net for answers, but have found nothing concise and encompassing.

That is my dilemma.

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