Topic: how to make jquery work with rails 3

Hi all.
I want to use jquery library rather than the default rails 3 javacript library "prototype". I have done the following things so far and I couldn't get jquery working. I am using rails 3.0.7

1. created rails application using   ---> rails new test -J
2. in the Gemfile ---> gem "jquery-rails"
3. rails generate jquery:install. some tutorial say this generator creates rails.js and the other jquery related files, but in my case it didn't create rails.js file. It created only jquery.js, jquery.min.js, jquery_ujs.js
4. in the layouts/application.html.erb---> <%= javascript_include_tag :defaults %>. I have tried also <%= javascript_include_tag :all %>  and <%= javascript_include_tag "jquery.js", "jquery.min.js", "jquery_ujs.js", "application.js"%>

5. added format.js in the create action's respond_to block and created create.js.erb file. I write a sample jquey code in this file

but the welcome message is not popping. Is there any thing I left?
I am desperate to use jquery but tired of it.
if you have any solution please save me.

thank you for your help in advance.