Topic: Just a thought on in-place editing

I recently needed to implement some in-place editing for a form on a show page.  I originally thought to do the traditional "hover over the field, click, and turn the text into a form field to post via an AJAX call".  However, I was playing with Google+'s profile settings and noticed they did it slightly differently.  When you hover over a field and click, instead of using an in-place form, they actually place the form on a modal window to update the page.

I thought about it and implemented this functionality and I found it to actually be a little simpler than traditional in-place editing because I didn't have to worry about necessarily showing/hiding the text and replacing it with a form; I just plopped a modal over it all.

The more I thought about it and played with it, the more I actually prefer this type of in-place editing over the traditional type.  I found it very simple to implement myself without any need of plugins, and the code was fairly straightforward.  While I didn't implement the cleanest solution, it functions for my purposes with a minimal amount of effort.

Just thought I'd pass on that thought to others working on implementing in-place editing in their apps.