Topic: What is Ruby on Rails able to do?

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I am starting with Rails and I am wandering questions about Rails possibilities. Actually, I want to design an application that has particular needs and I would like to know wether Rails can do them. As I am newbie with Rails, I ask you these questions.

Basically, it is possible to execute shell commands from a rails pages (eg: I want to launch a c++ program)?
Can it define a drawing area? ( if I want to draw charts and so on ) ? can we parse xml files?

Actually, my question is, can Rails the same thing that Ruby?

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Re: What is Ruby on Rails able to do?

Rails is 'just' a framework.  Just about anything ruby can do can be done in ruby within that framework.

Specifically... yes you can execute some shell command subject to the capabilities of your operating system.  Defining a drawing area sounds more like the html or javascript end of things to me and those things are doable.  Xml in files can be parsed if you know how to parse xml.