Topic: rails 3 reloading plugins automatically

Is there a way to automatically reload plugins? I have 2 plugin, one was a pre-existing one, the other I wrote.

There are no problems with the existing one, acts_as_readable, it opens a User model and mixes in a module in ActiveRecord::Base.

The one I wrote only opens User model and it works as it should exactly once. If I refresh the page I get method not found error on the methods added to user.

I can't find any reason why one plugin would autoload and mine doesn't.

Here is my init.rb file

require 'reputation'
require 'karma_name'
require 'karma_tag'
require 'karma_title'
require 'karma'
require File.expand_path('../lib/generators/karma_generator', __FILE__)

KarmaTitle.setup 'default'

User.class_eval do
  has_one :reputation
  include Karma 
  alias :rep :reputation