Topic: Lag with site5 hosts.

Hi Guys,

I need some feedback with site5 and rails.
I have 1 other site with Site5 and the new Rails 3 app in cloud services.

The problème his the lag for the rails app. i get 25sec before enter the site.
i have no content, only nifty layout when a little logo and a default text :


Find me in app/views/home/index.html.erb

I have somes controllers/views and moels, but not in the frontpage.
i use pingdom tools to check the ping and 25sec is the lower ping i have. i get 27-30 sec sometime.
What i should check? my code? the hosts? my other site take 4 sec of ping with lots of image/flash etc but with wordpress.

Thanks for your feedback.

Good day!

Re: Lag with site5 hosts.

Did you ran 'top' from your terminal? Was there anything unusual there? The Site5 help is usually very fast so can drop them a message as well.