Topic: Jquery $.post and returning a new page

I am using a link_to as a function to submit data from a form in a controller. 

In my UJS section I have the function defined as:

function add_new_section() {
    $.post("<%= new_recipe_section_path( %>", $('.edit_recipe').serialize(), null, "html");
    return false;        

which is being called in the view by:

<%= link_to_function "Add New Section", "add_new_section(#{})" %>

The correct method in the controller is being called and executed, however, the server doesn't load a new page, it just stays on the same page (though it said it did).  I think there might be an issue with the null, or "html" part.

Any thoughts?



Re: Jquery $.post and returning a new page

So, I did the following which seems to work.  Not sure if the return true is necessary?

function add_new_section(id) {
    $.post("<%= recipe_section_path( %>",
             function(){window.location.replace("<%= new_recipe_section_path( %>");},
    return true;