Topic: Open Source Rails Website - how?

I have a great idea for a website and I would like to program it in RoR. I would also like to make it an open-source project probably on Github. But I'm trying to figure out, how can you make a fully open source website? Wouldn't there be security vulnerabilities in having all your code out there?

How is this typically done?

Re: Open Source Rails Website - how?

There is ONE key piece of security data that each user would change as they deploy THEIR version of YOUR site, it's clearly documented,  so there isn't really much of a problem.

All the real magic that someone would use to hack is in Rails,  not the app YOU deploy on rails,  so it's not that much of a concern for the app developer.

There are poor ways of coding your app that can expose you to vulnerabilities,  just read up on developing secure Rails apps and you'll be fine.

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Re: Open Source Rails Website - how?

Thanks, that helps a lot.