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Hi. i want to use a WYSIWYG editor for a ruby on rails application. Is there a good one editor for rails 3 ?  If yes, can someone give me the instructions or the tutorial to config the rails application?

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Hi, if you are looking for lightweight Editor then NicEdit is one of the best option. For details about how to configure it on Rails3, you can refer to link … ails3.html

Incase of any query, let me know.

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I have used TinyMCE ( in the past. It has worked well and easy to use/configure.

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yes very ezy configure i also check your refer link thanks for that
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Too bad they don't have visual studio for ruby on rails. That's one of the nice things about .NET.

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The question of comparaison of two technologies, - .NET and RoR is out of scope of this topic. But, nevertheless, one point to underline: Rails is a VERY powerful web framework, its code is VERY short, comprehensive and natural. That's why, in general no need to use any special IDE to code on Ruby/RoR, even there is a lot of them. And that's the main difference of RoR from other languages (Java, .NET, etc.).

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I have used too TinyMCE earlier. It has worked well and easy to use/configure.

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