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I'm beginner in ROR and I've got a small problem with creating layouts. I wanna create page such as e-store (of course just for my practise). The result should be like this:
Unfortunatly my page looks like this:
I cannot deal with green color in my right side - with my Animals(I don't know why I chose animals...) - this section should be white and should be separated with main section - menu.
Sometimes I use Polish in description - pls don't care wink
Anybody can help me?

Here I upload my project - all files:
Thanks in advance!

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Re: Problem with Layouts

That is not a rails question

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Re: Problem with Layouts

BradHodges wrote:

That is not a rails question

I reckon that it is...'cause I use templates .css so probably it works. By the way - thanks for this page, I'm sure that I'll use some templates in my project smile

In .css file was mistake

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