Topic: How to make a website in Ruby

Hi everyone,

My first post smile I currently use Drupal to make websites and have been looking for a simple explanation of how to make a website using Ruby. I've heard and read great things about it and would love to give it a whirl. Problem is, I don't understand how it 'works'.

With drupal, you install it on the server and make the website as you go along through the CMS. How does a ruby powered website come about?

I am itching to learn ruby and try it! I am doing the online tutorials about the language itself and I can see a huge future in it compared to using Drupal which I just use because it's the easiest I have found so far. I started with Umbraco and Just a real simple pointer would help a lot. Thanks and I look forward to chatting with you all.

Re: How to make a website in Ruby

It depends on how your server is set-up and what sort of hosting plan you have.  If you have root access then it makes life a lot easier. 

RoR is nothing like Drupal... Its is quite a bit more complicated as it is equivalent to PHP (which is the language that Drupal is written in).  This is because the server normally has to be set-up for RoR.  As PHP has been around for so long most servers are compatible with it by default which makes the installation of applications such as Drupal much easier (there are equivalent packages written in RoR).

If you have a linux box at home then it is pretty simple to get started and add RoR support but you can also do it on windows but then it is impossible to use apache as a webserver.  To get started, you need Ruby, Ruby Gems and a database (such as SQLite3).  More info can be found here: