Topic: RAILS ON AWS (Amazon Cloud) - how to send emails?

I have very generic question and not really sure that it belongs to this particular subforum:
What is needed to send email form the rails application hosted on amazon cloud(AWS) using Bitnami rails server image?

Probably it needs email server? Does anyone have experience configuring any one on AWS? What needs to be done? Any good walk thoughts? Does AWS(amazon cloud) require anything specific from infrastructure standpoint? (specific DNS records, etc to make emailing work)?
And I guess as soon as I will have working email server it's just a breeze to configure rails app to use it.
So it's little bit more infrastructure questing then really rails question, but I am sure someone if this community already solved this problem before smile

Any ideas and links will help.
Thank you!

Re: RAILS ON AWS (Amazon Cloud) - how to send emails?

To send email from a Rails app,  regardless of where or how it is hosted,  you only need to configuure an SMTP server for outbound email. … asics.html

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