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I'm a beginner when it comes to programming, I know the basics of some languages like HTML/CSS and very basic PHP.

However, I'm really keen on learning Ruby on Rails, specifically for the purpose of web design (I don't like PHP to want to delve deep into it).

Anyways, as I'm a beginner, I know it's going to be hard for me to learn ROR. I really would appreciate any advice, any good, simple tutorials for people like myself trying to get into rails.

Especially books that might relate to website related programming.

At the moment, I'm beginning the read the book "Ruby on Rails for dummies, 4th addition", after that i'll probably read "Learn Rails by Example - Michael Hartl".

If you have any better suggestions or books/tuts to read, please let me know.


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Re: Beginner, need advice

I'd highly reccomend this site

There are hundreds of railscasts,  short succinct demonstrations of how to do things on Rails,  they are VERY helpful,  if you ever get stuck on anything just google:

railscast subject_matter


railscast nested form

and you'll find them,  or go to the site above and find them using their index.

you'll love it!

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Re: Beginner, need advice

I'm new too.  But I second BradHodges, Railscasts are incredibly helpful.   Aside from that, learning Rails has been very challenging for me so far (but this is my first attempt at programming so even the most basic concepts are new to me).    Good luck!

Re: Beginner, need advice

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Re: Beginner, need advice

I am in the same boat. I programmed some q-basic in high school. That is where I am starting from. I didn't know what a string or an array was until yesterday. I quite liked for the absolute beginner. I liked it so much I had my daughter, who is 7, try it. She enjoyed it up to a point.