Topic: Asset Pipeline- include fingerprinted paths in compiled nondigest?

So I have some .js files appended with .erb so that I can insert paths to files using <%= asset_path('file.js') %>.

Of particular note is a javascript bookmarklet that I have on my site. The script basically just loads a javascript file, which in turn loads several more.

So here's my dilemma:

My bookmarklet is a small script that loads a file called boot.js. I've set asset_path('boot.js', :digest => false) in the bookmarklet. Reason is because users are storing that javascript snippet directly into their bookmarks, and thus I should never change that path. Otherwise if I update it, old users will be accessing an old cached file, unless they replace their bookmarklet, which I want to avoid. So, in this case I use a query string based on a timestamp (?v=123352351) instead for cache busting.

So boot.js loads two additional dependencies, a CSS file and a Javascript file (all neatly packaged thanks to Sprockets). The problem is, because I load boot.js as the non-digest version, all the other paths to javascript, image, and css files are all using the non-digest version as well.

So my question, has two parts I guess:

1. Is it possible to include fingerprinted paths inside the precompiled nondigest file? e.g. in boot.js, I use .erb and added asset_path('javascript.js'), :digest => true). I want this to be output as{DIGEST-HASH-HERE}.js. Possible?

2. If not, is it possible to retrieve the latest hash used by a certain pre-compiled asset in code? That way I can just setup boot.js as a controller route instead?

Thanks for any help guys!