Topic: Need help asap

Hey all,   I'm planning on launching my new site tomorrow and essentially this is what the code currently looks like for my footer:   

 <footer id="main-site">
    <nav id="regular-links">
      <%= link_to_unless_current "submit a tip", new_submitted_tip_path(), class: "submit-a-tip" do %><span class="submit-a-tip">submit a tip</span><% end %>
      <%= link_to_unless_current "swag", swag_path(), class: "swag" do %><span class="swag">swag</span><% end %>
      <%= link_to_unless_current "advertise", advertise_path(), class: "advertise" do %><span class="advertise">advertise</span><% end %>
      <%= link_to "rss", (controller.action_name == 'popular' ? popular_tips_url(:atom) : recent_tips_url(:atom)), class: "rss"  %>
      <%= link_to_unless_current "contact", new_submitted_message_path(), class: "contact" do %><span class="contact">contact</span><% end %>

I would like 'swag' to go to an external page by hyperlinking it. It currently goes to another page in the site and I want to link to another website. Please, and thanks! smile

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Re: Need help asap

<%= link_to_unless_current "swag", "", class: "swag" do %><span class="swag">swag</span><% end %>

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