Topic: Problems with Webistrano

I don't know if this is where to post this question, but I have a strange problem with Webistrano.

It is already running on my server on port 3000. So far so good. The only thing is that it won't Setup or Deploy. I have already added the Project, filled up the configuration parameters, added a Stage and Host. Then I click on the Setup which is for initial deployment to create the dirs, but nothing is happening. The indicator (the spinning image) keeps on going around and around and the logs are not moving, meaning it's doing nothing. 

Where is the log for Webistarno so I'll know what's going on?  I tried the logs dir under Webistrano folder but the logs are not very helpful at all. And it looks like it's not updating.

Can anybody please help? Tell me what's going on.

If this helps,
Webistrano version is 1.5,
ruby 1.9.3p0,
rails (2.3.12, 2.3.11, 2.3.5)
capistrano (2.9.0, 2.5.9)

The gems have multiple versions because I was looking for a good combination without the errors when trying to set up Webistrano. Eventually I filled in all the dependency issues.

Thank you!