Topic: remote_form_tag :update in Rails 3.1

I'm trying to update my DIV asynchronously. In Rails 2.3.8 I found out remote_form_tag where I could specify attribute :update => "DIV_TO_UPDATE". As I understood it was an easy way to do it. Developer didn't have to write any JavaScript line of code, because html rendered would be automatically placed in "DIV_TO_UPDATE'.
But remote_form_tag was remoted in Rails 3. So I wonder is there way to do it in Rails 3.1.
PS I know to to do it with a little JavaScript (or CoffeeScript code) I'm looking for way without any line of JS code

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Re: remote_form_tag :update in Rails 3.1

They've moved all the remote stuff to a gem,  easiest thing you can do to avoid javascript coding.

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