Topic: Choosing a Rails CMS... (site from scratch)

So I have been trying to do some research on CMSes.  Basically I am starting an e-commerce store/site from scratch.  I have experience writing Rails apps but not with CMS.

The first thing that was brought up was trying to tie in Joomla with Rails.  From the research I have done it seems like this is possible, but 1) not easy/trivial, need good knowledge in both Joomla & Rails 2) Probably not the best solution since the systems are still separate integrating is not the best way to go.

So I have been trying to explorer Rails CMSes that I can offer instead.

That said I have found a lot of them: … stems-cms/ … #resources

But I haven't been able to find much in the way of reviews/comparisons.  I did find this article ( … locomotive ).

The other thing is it seems like this is a exploding market/segment so some of the ones I am most interested in are newer and makes it even harder to find them.

So here is where I am at, I have found a few products that are standing out:
1) Radiant
2) Refinery
3) Locomotive
4) Railsyard

1) Seems like Radiant has been around the longest but that Refinery is pretty similar and more active (Radiant is still on Rails 2.X). 
2) Refinery seemed like it was a good solution, seemed like it was not as powerful as Locomotive but has been around 2 years and seems like from looking around google it has the largest customer/user base of the 4 I mentioned
3) Seems to be my leading candidate, its seems really powerful and flexible, I like that its using MongoDB (something I have been wanting to mess with but haven't yet).  MongoDB just seems like a really good solution for an e-commerce site.  And since its schemaless looks like you can create/edit your database from the CMS.
4) Railsyard, I can't find much info on it.  Basically it looks really new, and its looks nice but I am having trouble finding info.


IF ANYONE HAS USED ANY OF THESE CMSes (OR ANY OTHER ONES YOU LIKE), if you could post some info about them that would be great!!!  I'm open to what I use, these are just my leading choices now!

The biggest thing that scares me about Locomotive or Railsyard is that I couldn't find much documentation & I want to use something that has longevity (if possible) but still use something that is cutting edge (again if possible).

As of now I will probably try a few of them this weekend, but figured if I could get some current info from the rails community that would be great.  (I found some other CMS reviews but they seem to be more from a web designer than a developer).

Also I have not used Rails engines before (other than Railsyard I know the others can be run as engines).  If there is anything I should know or consider about integrate an rails app with the cms via rails engine.  What I have looked into seems like this would be the cleanest way, but since I haven't done it need to know whats involved (so I can come up with a purposal).


Re: Choosing a Rails CMS... (site from scratch)

I would say give VERY heavy weighting to being tested and proven on Rails 3.1 at least.

That may be difficult because CMS's are large complex systems,  3.1 is rather new, and it may take a while for the developers to upgrade.

If you start with a Rails 2.X based CMS,  it could likely be a lot of work once the CMS is upgraded,  and if you want to upgrade along with them to get new 3.1 features.

Starting with Rails 3.1,  there are some very useful features for speeding up page loads,  so if you're at all concerned with having a snappy responsive site,  try like hell to start out with something 3.1 based.

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Re: Choosing a Rails CMS... (site from scratch)

Did you take spree into account?

As you are building an e-commerce store/site, it may be best base to work with.